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Good Practice UN-HABITAT 2006

Gender mainstreaming (GM) or equal opportunities for women and men refers to the application of relevant principles to all areas of local administration. In Vienna a network of experts was established in pursuance of this approach.

Alongside activities to promote women, measures have, amongst others, included introduction of a gender mainstreaming strategy at the city administration level in 2000. But how does one best apply such a “cross-sectional“ matter to administrative structures grown over the years?
To begin with it was the department for the promotion of women’s issues (Municipal Department 57) which took care of gender mainstreaming. Ever since its foundation in 1992 it had pursued networking and interdepartmental cooperation with relevant departments along with lobbying specific to women and equal opportunities policies. Yet implementation of gender mainstreaming as a cross-sectional matter for all areas of administration proved particularly difficult for MD 57 because the department had not been vested by other departments with any official coordinating or project management function.

To ensure implementation across all sections and areas of the administration and to set a clear sign at the very top the Chief Executive Director issued a decree on September 28, 2005 appointing a project manager for the implementation stage at the Chief Executive Office – Executive Group for Organisation and Security (MD-OS).
The project office at MD-OS is in charge of coordinating and harmonizing the overall strategy and overseeing reporting. Main coordination partners in implementing the overall strategy are MD 57 – Promotion and Coordination of Women’s Issues, Co-ordination Office for Planning and Construction Geared to the Requirements of Daily Life and the Specific Needs of Women at the Executive Office for Urban Planning, Construction and Development, the section for statistics and analysis at MD 5 – Finance, Budget and Statistics, the five equal opportunities commissioners, as well as approximately 130 contact women, the Vienna Employees’ Promotion Fund (WAFF) and the women’s health commissioner at the Vienna Fund for Social Affairs (FSW). Political support is given by the Executive City Councillor for Integration, Women’s Issues, Consumer Protection and Personnel.
Measures for the implementation of equal opportunities need proper financing to fully function. This is why gender budgeting was introduced for the implementation of gender mainstreaming (see also interview with Ms Andrea Hlavac, Newsletter 19, page 15). In January 2005 a co-ordination office was installed, which is part of the Department for Finance, Economic Affairs and Vienna Public Enterprises since July 2005. Seeing as no standard calculation methods are available at Austrian or European level, a set of gender budgeting indicators is now being developed.

Approximately one third of all municipal departments are already implementing gender mainstreaming measures, especially in the field of planning, health care and housing. Funds supported by the City of Vienna are also applying the principle, including, amongst others, the Vienna Business Promotion Fund (WWFF), its office for women’s services and business founders’ centre for women, and the Vienna Employees’ Promotion Fund (WAFF) which explicitly quotes gender mainstreaming in its rules of internal procedure and has also introduced gender controlling.
Some departments are still given to scepticism and misunderstandings. Regular training, pilot tests in different districts (gender mainstreaming in the 6th, gender budgeting in the 12th), information campaigns, workshops, etc. are organized to counteract these negative developments.

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—   Vienna City Administration, Municipal Department for Promotion and Co-ordination of Women’s Issues
Karin Spacek
—  Vienna City Administration, Executive City Councillor for Integration, Women's Issues, Consumer Protection and Personnel Heidi Kargl
—  Vienna City Administration, Gender Budgeting Commissary in the Office of the Administrative Group “Finance, Economic Affairs and Vienna Public Utlities
Andrea Hlavac
—  Vienna City Administration, Executive Group Urban Planning, Development and Construction, Co-ordination Office for Planning and Construction Geared to the requirements of Daily Life and the Specific Needs of Women Eva Kail
—  Vienna Social Welfare Fund – Vienna Women´s Health Programm “Her Programm” Beate Wimmer-Puchinger
—  Equal Opportunity Advisors
Karin Kientzl, Cornelia Lechner-Wlczek, Luise Moltaschl, Cornelia Stangl
—  District Council for the 12th District
Gabriele Votava, District Chairperson


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